Monday, October 1, 2018

Example of a Lehigh Valley rifle in the stype of Peter Neihart.  This rifle has a 42 inch Colerain octagon to round rifled barrel in 50 caliber.  It uses a Chambers Dale Johnson lock, a single trigger and Reaves Goehring cast brass mounts.  The sugar maple stock is stained with ferric nitrate with LMF maple stain over top, I used amber shellac and my own varnish mulled with madder lake pigment (more about that below). 

This is a very slim and light rifle.  The octagon to round barrel takes the muzzle heaviness to a minimum.  Those who insist on having a muzzle heavy gun so you can hold steady ought to look at another piece.  The price of this piece is $2800.

The incised carving is modeled after an existing Neihart rifle, particularly the cheek piece.

Notes on finishing this rifle.  After staining was complete and the stock rubbed back some, I cut amber shellac 2 to 1 part alcohol and applied a coat at a time, rubbing back each coat with gray scotch brite pads.  I applied three coats of the shellac basically to fill the pores in the wood.  I then mixed one part spar varnish, 1 part aged turpentine and one part cold pressed linseed oil to which I mulled the madder lake pigment using a glass plate and a glass pestle I found in an antiques store.  I applied three coats of varnish being careful to avoid any build up around carving and moldings.  I could probably have put more on and built up some in places that would have typically seen little wear for an antiqued effect but chose to stop before I got to the point of over doing it.  It like the effect.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I have a bunch of pouches.  I just added 4 more.  In August and February, when the weather is too hot or too cold I spend a lot of time making pouches and decorating horns.  Here are a couple I have pictures of.

The first is a primitive Appalachian pouch made out of bark tanned deer hide with waxed linen thread.  It has a cow hide strap, a forged buckle and is fairly heavily antiqued.  It is 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep.  Everything is saddle stitched.

This one is my rendition of a pouch James Rogers has made his signature pouch.  Several years ago I made one like this out of goat skin so I thought I would try one again.  This hide was a bit on the thin side, probably too thin for this type of work as it doesn't hold its shape as well as I would like.  It has a cow hide strap with a buckle for adjustment.  A pewter button is used to keep the flap closed.  This pouch pairs well with an early trade or fowler long gun.  It is 7 inches wide and 7 inches deep.  I am going to make another out of bark tanned deer hide to see the difference.

I will post pictures of the other 2 new pouches when either my son or grandson get around to taking the pictures.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I love the horns made by the individual known to us only by the name "Folksy Artist".  An unknown horner from the 18th Century.  I have made two horns the are inspired by his work.  These are my favorite horns.  Both have sold.  I plan to make another hopefully get to keep it myself.

We attend The Fort Frederick Market Fair every year.  Here are some pictures of my tables from 2017.  Somewhere I have pictures form this past year and when I find them I will post them too.  We enjoy the event and now that I am retired from my "day job" we hope to be able to get around to more events throughout the year.

Above are some of my son Aaron's knives.  All are 1084 or 1095 steel and scary sharp.

Some of my horns

A handful of pouches I made this spring.  All out of bark tanned deer hide.  I don't usually line my pouches with cloth, though I may use deer hide.  I find it gets annoying catching worms, vent picks and other accoutrements on the linen fabric.  But if you want me to make you a pouch and line it with linen or hemp or some such, I will be glad to suit your needs.

Monday, July 16, 2018

A recent addition is this rifle patterned after several Christian Springs rifles most notably the Oerter Griffin rifle but more generally copied after several rifles from that shop.  It has a 54 caliber, 38 inch c-wt Rice swamped barrel, the Chambers Dale Johnson lock with a sugar maple stock and brass hardware from Reaves Goehring.  I am asking $2200 for this piece.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Barn Gun or Shop Standard Rifle

SOLD - My "shop standard" long rifle I have been carrying around from event to event for the last two years is a Lancaster County barn gun I made to display just what an entry level long rifle from my shop looks like.  I could make this basic rifle in any of several schools (Tennessee, Lehigh, Berks, etc).

This rifle has a 38 inch b-wt Rice 50 caliber barrel with square bottom rifling.  It has a Chambers Dale Johnson lock.  brass castings by Reaves Goehring in a fairly plain sugar maple stock.