Monday, July 16, 2018

A recent addition is this rifle patterned after several Christian Springs rifles most notably the Oerter Griffin rifle but more generally copied after several rifles from that shop.  It has a 54 caliber, 38 inch c-wt Rice swamped barrel, the Chambers Dale Johnson lock with a sugar maple stock and brass hardware from Reaves Goehring.  I am asking $2200 for this piece.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Barn Gun or Shop Standard Rifle

SOLD - My "shop standard" long rifle I have been carrying around from event to event for the last two years is a Lancaster County barn gun I made to display just what an entry level long rifle from my shop looks like.  I could make this basic rifle in any of several schools (Tennessee, Lehigh, Berks, etc).

This rifle has a 38 inch b-wt Rice 50 caliber barrel with square bottom rifling.  It has a Chambers Dale Johnson lock.  brass castings by Reaves Goehring in a fairly plain sugar maple stock.

Shop Standard Fowler

I like to have several long guns with me when I go to shows and events.  I usually take two "shop standard" versions to show what a base entry level long gun from my shop looks like,  and two or more fancier projects to show what a might be possible at a higher price point.  These are "spec guns" and I try to turn them over every couple of years.

Below is a look at my "shop standard" fowler.  It is made to be very much like a short barreled British fowler except it has an American styled side plate and a flame sugar maple stock.  It has a 38 inch oct-to-round 20 gauge smooth barrel with a slight flare in the last 8 inches of the muzzle.  I put an early Ketland lock on it that I modified to have a beveled plate like original British fowlers would have had.  The wrist gradually tapers as it runs back from the breech and is carried through into the butt stock.

The off side and the more provincial sideplate.

I put a bit of engraving behind the breech on this one.  Normally a shop standard fowler or barn gun would not have any carving at all.

The trigger guard is  a fairly ornate casting.  Iron mounts would be far planer as I would forge them myself out of wrought iron and the file work would increase the price significantly.

A shop standard fowler, with either brass or iron mounts, 38  to 44 inch barrel, in maple or walnut,Chambers Colonial VA lock or early Ketland lock, start at $1500.  

Southern Banded Horns

Here is a nice right hand carry southern banded horn with three bands and a turned antler spout.  It has a cherry plug and pine stopper.  Measures just over 13 inches around the outside curve.  

I think it will hold the better part of a pound of powder though I haven't measured it yet.

The flip side.  I did not stain this horn.

Here is a left side carry southern banded horn.  It has three bands, a turned antler spout and a pine stopper.  The plug is walnut.  I stained this horn and antiqued it some.

This horn is similar in size to the above and measures 13 inches around the outside.  Both are about 3 inches at the plug.

I really wanted this one to be darker and the pictures show it a bit lighter than it really is.   I sell a horn like this for $150.

Some Horn Flasks....

Pirate flask, good for rum or what have you.  Lined with brewer's pitch with a turned antler spout and maple plug top and bottom.  It has a picture of the Wydah (pronounced wid-ah) Cpat. Black Sam Bellamy's flag ship.  Black Sam was the richest pirate afloat at the time of his death.  His crew were well rewarded  and thus he was well liked by them.  This is a flask one of his mates might had carried.

The reverse has the Wydah name in a banner.  The flask is just over 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height.  Will hold enough rum to get you feeling sleepy.

While I am at it, here are a couple of salt boxes I made out of cow horn.

Just hand them pn the wall or from one of your tent poles at super time.  Can keep other stuff in them other than salt.  The one in the foreground has a small wooden spoon instide.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

War clubs. 

Aaron has finished two war clubs.  Here they are.

this is an early John Rupp rifle I have just finished.  It is not a copy of any particular Rupp rifle but perhaps a fantasy Rupp.  It has a fairly simple hard sugar maple stock, a 50 caliber Colerain octagon to round barrel, 42 inches long rifled, a Chambers Dale Johnson lock and brass hardware,  It is very slim and easy to carry,  Nice and thin like a Lehigh should be.