Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Recently, I completed a Fusil de Chase for a customer in Maryland.   The pictures below are a few that I took of this project.  It had a 42 inch 20 gauge Colerain barrel, the Track of the Wolf Tulle flint lock and steel hardware.  I sealed the walnut stock with Chambers sealer and finished it with Chambers stock finish.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Here is a Western South Carolina mountain rifle circa 1820 which is a mix of several rifles I have seen from this part of the Southern Mountains.  A nice sugar maple stock I bought from Dunlaps, with a 44 inch Ed Rayal 54 caliber barrel, long and thin.  It is a working man's rifle with no entry thimble or side plate.  A single lock bolt holds the lock in place nicely and two ramrod loops hold the ramrod in place.  It has a Chambers Late Ketland flint lock and Davis double set triggers.  I forged the buttplate, trigger guard and thimbles.  Like all of these rifles it is made from a stock blank.  I am too cheap to get a stock carved anymore and so I don't have to hassle with lock placement.  The stain is my iron nitrate stain and as usual the varnish is home brewed.

This would make a nice hog rifle or hunting gun for bear or deer.

I have hunted with this rifle and it has a few handling marks but all in all it is a fine light larger caliber hunting rifle.  Weighs just shy of 7 pounds and is very thin and long.

and another

A rifle I made for a lady or young man.  A sugar maple stock from Wayne Dunlap.  A Colerain 38 inch A-wt. barrel in 40 caliber.  It has a Small Siler right handed flintlock, a single trigger and forged iron hardware.  I put a little sparse carving on the cheek piece and the breech tang area.  Stained with my iron nitrate stain and finished with my hand made varnish.  It has a slight bit of castoff and a 13 inch LOP.  It is light about 6 pounds and holds nicely.

Here are a few more pouches.  All are sewn with bark-tanned deer skin, and waxed linen thread.  Some are lined with linen though some are not.  Lined pouches do not make much sense to me as the lining catches on things like vent picks and  other tools.  I add vent picks and powder measures on chains, make the powder horns.  Most of these have a knife in a sheath (also made by me) on the back.

Lately I have been working on a few Southern Appalachian hunting pouches.  Here are a few.  I wikk post individual pouch photos when I get some time.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Well, it has been some time since I posted anything.  A new day job, and hunting season took me away from the shop.  Here is a gun I finished that might be interesting.  It is a very plain caliber Lancaster pattern rifle.  The barrel is an A-wt, 40 caliber 38 inch Colerain, the lock is a large Siler, tuned for fast ignition.  It has all f iron hardware  This is a real nice target shooting rifle.  I shoot 55 grains of FFF with an ,015 patch and it shoots as well as I do after sighting in.  Here are some pictures.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A nice Tennessee rifle I just finished for a client. It has a 42 inch tapered 7/8 to .800  inch 50 caliber barrel, a right hand large Siler lock and Davis triggers in a nice piece of maple from Wayne Dunlap.  I forged the butt plate, side plate, toe plate and trigger guard from wrought iron I got from an old bridge in Dinwiddie County VA.  The ramrod thimbles I made from a Ford truck hood.

Best picture I could get on a rainy day in my forge.