Monday, December 28, 2020

 I have decided to retire from the gun building business. It is getting too difficult to obtain component parts, mainly barrels and I am exhausted from hunting down a barrel for this project or that. I am getting too old and the eyes are getting to weak to be able to perform the type of work I want to do and provide a level of quality that I am striving for.

I will be offering my inventory of stocks. locks, tools and other items which I will no longer be needing at some time in the near future.

I think that I will now start spending time making a few rifles I have always wanted to own but never had the time to build, hang them on my wall and shoot them at my leisure. I am looking forward to full retirement.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

My hunting rifle. Did a good job for me this year helping to fill my freezer with venison.  It is a 50 caliber 42 inch oct. barrel in a nice dark stained curly maple stock. It has a Chambers Early Ketland lock, and forged wrought iron trigger guard and butt plate. It has a steel captured lid Woodbury style patchbox from one of H. House's templates. I plan to made another with a lighter stain this summer perhaps in a 54 caliber barrel.

I picked up three nice curly sugar maple stocks this winter and am looking forward to making a series of rifles along this style.  One with a bigger bore and lighter stain. one with an oct/rnd barrel and one oct/rnd smooth bore. Not sure what stain I will use on the latter two.  Want to see how the lighter stain ens up.
Here are two new shooting pouches I finished this month.  Both have horns the second an antique horn.  Both are made out of bark tanned deer hide, sewn with waxed linen thread.

This one is lined with thin bark tan leather. It has a 50 grain powder measure and an adjustable cow hide strap with brass buckle. It is 7 inches wide and 9 inches tall. I dyed the leather a dark brown and rubbed in bear grease/beeswax mix. Note the antique horn. rigged as a right carry but could be turned for left carry.

This pouch also of bark tanned deer hide is 7 inches wide by 9 inches tall.  It is sewn with waxed linen thread. It has an adjustable cow hide strap and a forged iron buclle. The horn is rigged for a right carry but could be turned if desired for a left carry. This pouch is unlined and undyed, rubbed with the bear grease/beeswax mic.
A trade gun made for a customer and just finished. It has a nice walnut stock, 44 inch oct-round barrel in 20 gauge, Chambers Colonial VA lock and brass hardware. This is a NC Trade Gun.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

I wanted to talk about what people use for sealing their horn flasks, rum horns and even powder horns.  I used to use beeswax but its limits are well known. Then I went to brewer's pitch along with all the fun involved in heating and melting the stuff. I found that when the flask had its contents remain for period of time, say a weekend event or trek, by the end, the pine flavors imparted to the contents could be rather objectionable.

In addition to the flavor contamination, I found my flasks, sitting in storage ofer the hot summer or on display in the sun had a tendency to melt the pitch, leaking all over everything and sometimes allowing the shrink and swell accompanying heat and cold to open leaks in the bottom of the flask. Embarrassing to sell a flask and have it returned because it leaks or more likely not being able to pu tit out for display because it suddenly leaks.

So I have gone to food grade epoxy, not HC I know but definitely has its benefits.  No smell, flavor contamination and really holds the seal well. You need to follow the directions carefully and make sure you mix the components adequately. I seal all my horn art with epoxy now.
I have a new website -  I will eventually get a different domain name but for now it will run under the Square sub domain.  It has a shopping cart feature so that makes me real happy.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Now I have some pouches I have worked on.  Most are combinations with horns, knives maybe a powder measure.  I prefer to sell combos where I can combine a pouch and a horn, possibly a knife and sheath,  Add in a powder measure and vent pick and/or loading block to make a nice matched set for a customer.  All are bark tanned leather sewn with waxed linen thread.  All are oiled , rubbed down and waxed.  These are the starting point.  I can add to them.  Call and we can talk it over.

First up, a primitive rectangular pouch and antique horn set.

Bark tanned leather dyed dark brown.  The flap is lined with same hide and fringed around the edge and top of the flap. The cow hide strap is adjustable with an antiqued brass buckle.  The antique horn is about 12" around the curve with a pine butt plug about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.  The horn is in good shape with some cracks at the butt though no leaks. There is a 60 grain powder measure included made out of deer antler tine.

This will make a nice longhunter kit.  Asking $200.

Another primitive rectangular pouch made of bark tanned deer hide, but not stained. It is lined with the same leather and fringed around the flap. The woven strap by Kris Polozi is attached to the bag with two forged iron rings.  A food sized plain powder horn is attached to the strap.  It has a 3 inch walnut butt plug, measures 12 1/2 inches around the curve and is set up as a right carry but could be converted to left if desired.

The bottom of the pouch is an inch wider than the top. It has been oiled and waxed. I am asking $225 for this pouch.

I have this Virginia style early pouch, bark tanned leather with no dying at all. It is about 7" wide by 6" tall. It has a right carry horn attached that is 12 around the curve with a 2 1/2 inch maple butt plug.  Again it is set upi for right carry but could be switched if desired.

This bag has a small patch knife in a sheath attached to the back of the bag. The cow hide strap is adjustable with an iron buckle.  I am asking $175 for this setup as I have had it for a couple years and need to move it.  A good deal on a pouch, horn and knife.

I had some thin bark tanned weather from a small doe that I used for this pouch.  The pouch is unlined and at first I thought that might be a problem but I kind of like the way this turned out.  It would be more of a Rev War era pouch as it is bigger and perhaps something an officer in a western VA or PA militia unit might have for his personal gear. It is 7 inches wide at the top and 9 inches high The bottom is closer to 8 inches wide. The adjustable cow hide strap includes a forged iron buckle.

This set includes a 12 inch horn set up for a right carry but could be changed to left. The horn has a 3 inch butt plug and will carry about 12 oz. of powder.  I am asking $175 for this setup.